In other textile news...

Okay this is a stretch, but fabric is a textile and so are knitted garments, so all of this belongs here.

First up is the fabric we are using for the baby's room -- curtains, photo board, diaper stacker, pad for rocking chair, dust ruffle, bumper pads, etc. My mom is making all of it.

The picture doesn't do it justice; it's not quite as dull as it looks here.

And now, a few pictures of our place. They include a RUG, which is a textile.


burab said...

i love the blanket and the material you chose for the baby's room. How fun! Your mom has a lot of sewing ahead of her...that's so great of her to make all of that for you!
It's too bad that your hands aren't letting you knit very much, but as I read in the Yarn Harlot's book last night - Listen to them now to avoid an even longer and more painful break later.
Today I learned about metals. Silver, bronze, copper, iron, and lots of other stuff. Oh! And I have to post pics of my "study object" when I get them. Have I already disclosed what it is? If will be a fun surprise!
Hope everyone is doing well!

jeekeehoo said...

The apartment is wonderful! It looks so homey I want to curl up on the rug with Shay - who definitely looks happy. I think the baby blanket looks wonderful and I'm so sorry that finishing the ends is a problem. Seed stitch and no seams to hide the ends in is a deadly combination. I've never had any success with knots but I know other people use them.

Abby, your stuff sounds so exciting. I want to be learning everything you're learning and I'm really intrigued over the "study object". When will it be revealed and when will we get pics of your new place. I just like having a mental image of where people are. It makes them not feel so far away.