The suspense.

I'm just going to post one picture. It will show you the current progress of my sweater and the amount of yarn I have left to complete said sweater. Just a couple of notes: I actually planned the sleeves to be about the length they are now...they may end up becoming cap sleeves instead. The back is about the same length as the front panels. The length from the top of the collar to the (current) bottom of the back is about 11.5 inches. Go ahead...grab a ruler and put one end at the base of your neck. Feel free to weigh in, but every stitch I complete feels like one step closer to ultimate failure.


jeekeehoo said...

oooo, that's a tough one. Is that the aubergine sublime you bought in Chesapeake City? I think it is but it looks so pink! If it is, I have some of that too that I'm making a sweater with. I bought what the pattern calls for but if I have any left and if the dye lots aren't too different you can have it!

burab said...

It does look really pink. I think it's just the lighting - it is the purple sublime from Chesapeake City. I think shortening the sleeves might just work...of course I have to sew it up somehow too...hmmm

BrandyMcD said... did it turn out? I hate that feeling. You can't enjoy the knitting because every stitch is like a punch in the gut.