Where did I get this?

Sorry for the poor quality, but I am tooooo lazy to go get my camera, and then find the cord...you know how it goes.
Jen, I swear you were making socks with a similar pattern! Am I completely making that up? Was it Rose? Was it someone else? The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Maple Grove (the actual colors are browns, corals, and pinks...LOOOOVE it!) and I used a GC from my brother and his wife to purchase it at Knit Wits in Salem, OH. The sock might actually end up being too wide for my foot, so they might end up being a Christmas present...you know, assuming I get them done before Christmas.


jeekeehoo said...

wasn't me! did you get the pattern working in a way that was pleasing? did you get to be in the movie? I didn't see you Sunday so I'm full of questions!!?!!

burab said...

I think I did get the pattern looking good. The break isn't as disruptive as I thought it would be.
I did not get to be in the movie :-( However, if you hear the sound of a clock chiming or the sound of tea being poured...that was me! I got to help the foley artist a little. Of course, that's assuming you sit through a documentary about Dolley Madison. I guess if anyone might, it would be you! Hahaaaa.
I rosined up my drive cord for Canook...haven't tested it yet though.

jeekeehoo said...

It makes me so happy to think you think I'd sit through the doc. because I totally would!!