Crisis Averted

I don't even know how to explain what just happened. The other day, Ellery found one of my dpn's and took it to Caleb. He told her thank you for giving it to him and returned it to me.

So today while she was at Mother's Day Out I worked on a little sweater vest I am making as a baby gift for a shower in a week. All I have left is to pick up and knit the side ribbing on the two armholes. But between now and then I have 30 hours of scoring and Caleb will be out of town the entire time.

The project has been going so smoothly thus far. But the picking up and knitting is a bit of a challenge because the decreases happened on those edges. I spent an hour today just getting the new stitches picked up and correctly spaced on the dpns. I did just a little bit of the ribbing pattern before I had to leave.

I forgot to put my work away when I went to pick Ellery up.

We had been home like five minutes and I was straightening up the house. I realized that I had left my knitting out and went over to pick it up...All 4 needles are gone. Just gone! I asked Ellery, "did you touch my needles?" She responds, "yeah I put them over there..." By over there, she meant on the side table. Poor thing, I think she was just trying to move them and follow Daddy's direction. I didn't yell at her or anything, but she could tell by the look on my face that this was not a good thing. She started rubbing my back and saying "It's okay Mommy. It's okay. I love you." And she kept kissing me. I have never seen her act like this before. Really, it was sweet.

Anyway, so I picked up my knitting and attempted to get it back on my needles. I figured I should just rip it out and start over but it was so darn hard to get those stitches picked up. So I thought I would try fixing things first. Would you believe that after about 5 minutes of putting stitches back on I counted and every single stitch was there, totally unharmed? Even the ribbing stitches are there. And now, I made sure to get the number of stitches on the needles a little more even too.

I have no idea how she managed to get those needles out of the very tight stitches without totally destroying the work!


burab said...

That is pretty amazing. I think she's displaying her pre-existing knitting skills. Glad you found the DPNs though. Nothing is worse than losing a set of needles right at the end of a project!

jeekeehoo said...

Ellery is so sweet!! Of course that doesn't mean the sinking feeling when you realized the needles were gone felt any less "sinking"!! There's actually something to be said for having really tight stitches then: when your three year old pulls out the needles, they aren't going anywhere!

Make sure you take pictures of the little sweater for us!