done. finished. over.

FINALLY, some FOs for your perusal. Obviously, I had too many things going at once (like that's anything new) and thus had trouble getting any of them done.

This sweater was done Sept. 2 for Pierce's birthday party but I didn't have time to post about it because I was too busy finishing knitting projects. Did this at Mark's hospital bedside which kept me sane and the nurses entertained. Before I left the night of the birthday party, Pierce had already knocked the head off one of the little dalmation buttons (it was a dalmation themed birthday, more pictures at Ravelry if you want close-ups of the truck or buttons)!!

Most of the other knitting was for my friend Robin's baby shower, which took place this past weekend. Some of this was finished in advance but that blanket was finished at 3am the morning I left for NC!! Oh well, it all got done!

This is the surprise baby jacket from EZ!! I finally did one. It's tiny tiny tiny because I used sock yarn and didn't pay attention to gauge. I just wanted to see how it worked...and WOW! I've been knitting a long time but this one stumped me completely. So cool!!

These are my own design and I spun the wool also. The colors kind of come through in the close-up. There were lots of reds and blues and greens and golds in the roving that give it kind of a heathery look. Her nursery theme is giraffes, hence the button.

Also, this giraffe blanket! (I know, I know, two intarsia patterns in one summer, hot on the heels of the poodle bag last summer, I really do hate intarsia, really, it just keeps getting in there somehow, if I make a move toward intarsia next summer, shoot me)

And no jeekeehoo loved baby can be without a Russell!!

Then just when you're sitting back feelin' really good about your little knitting self, you look over and see this in your knitting basket, 48 (real, known number) 48 thousand (perceived number) squares to be sewn together!!



burab said...

Everything is so cool! I love the finished giraffe blanket - it looks spectacular! The babies that know you are lucky indeed.
Thanks for the post!

BrandyMcD said...

You've been very busy. No surprise there though. Everything looks great and your experiment with the sock yarn sweater is impressive. What a neat idea! I agree that the giraffe blanket, too, is just amazing.

cjmonkey said...

I'm sorry the intarsia poodle bag wasn't much fun to make - but it's fun to keep knitting in! :)