I got in trouble this morning.

On Fridays Ellery goes to Mother's Day Out. Today in an effort to squeeze as much joy into the few hours as possible (not that it isn't a joy to be with her, but you know what I mean) I went to the coffee shop before the yarn shop so that I could enjoy my drink while browsing. In Denver this would have been even easier since the coffee shop WAS the yarn shop. Anyway, I was looking for yarn for a blanket for Caleb's sister's little girl who is due to arrive in January. I found some great Mission Falls 1824 cotton for a little eyelet blanket. As we were counting out the balls, I said, "here let me set my drink over here." And she responded, "actually why don't I put it on the table? I'm really not comfortable with you having it in here." And suddenly I was back in kindergarten when that kid with the wart asked if he could borrow my blue crayon and I responded that he could but that it wasn't sharp and then Mrs. Lipsey yelled at me for talking! I felt awful. I apologized and she said "oh don't worry about it, it's okay" which was nice of her, but also not really true because if if really was okay she wouldn't have said anything. Anyway, I was really embarrassed but not angry because I totally understand where she is coming from. And to make up for it, I bought the book with the pattern in it too. I never do that; I always check them out from the library. I'm tempted to never show my face in there again but she really is a very helpful lady. Without Jen to ask my simple questions it's important that I feel like I can talk to the owner.

I need to get started on the blanket. I doubt it will be ready in time for whatever shower she has. I am just hoping it will make it there in time for the birth. And I've got two months. It's not like we're approaching a busy time of the year or anything.


burab said...

It's so good to hear from you, even if it was you getting scolded! I was so afraid the end of the story was going to be that you spilled coffee on a whole basket of white yak yarn and then had to buy it all for hundreds of dollars. See...it could have been worse! Good luck on making your deadline - I've got to make an adult afghan for my brother's upcoming marriage (Jan 10). Eek!

jeekeehoo said...

I was so with Abby that you actually spilled the coffee. Don't let the lady make you feel bad til you do something worth feeling bad over!!

How's the deadline coming?!