Chesapeake City and update

Jen and I met up in Chesapeake City, MD and it was a beautiful day! Not only was the weather nice, but the yarn was alllll on sale. Woo! We sat by the canal and watched passing boats while we knitted. Glorious.

I brought some yarns home with me. The purple on the left is supposed to be made into a little sweater of my own design and the oddly coordinating (not done purposely) sock yarn is for...socks.

And, just in case you didn't notice I was wearing it in the above photo, Hey Teach is done. Buttons and all. It was quick, easy, and fun. Cute to wear, too.


BrandyMcD said...

So. Jealous.

Seriously, looks like you guys had a great time. And your sweater is so cute. I have one a lot like it, but it came from the store, so it isn't nearly as cool.

jeekeehoo said...

It was a great day! I'll show my purchase and SEVERAL finished items tomorrow. (Nothing like the baby shower actually taking place to get your butt in gear!)