The View From Where I Sit

Welcome to my new house. My new house? No. Someone else's house that I'm staying in for the summer. This is the view out my bedroom window. The pool is on its way to being ready, not quite there yet. I LOVE the pool house. LOVE. On mild nights, I might just sleep out there.

My fireplace, which is what I'm facing while I lay in bed. I wasn't too enthusiastic about the empty brick hole all summer, so I planted some flowers in it. The mirror is not mine (it came with the house) but I love it as well. Not as much as the pool house, but almost. The mirror also needs to be hung...I'll get to that eventually. Other great things about my house: comes with 2 awesome dogs, cable tv, air conditioning, and privacy. I might just get the fiddle out this summer, because noone will be able to hear the horrible sounds that I produce with it.

And, a knitting spoiler/teaser: Angela (my little sis) is getting married this summer so I'm making her a wedding gift that is low budget yet still special. Her favorite color is red, she picked the colors.

Sorry for the long hiatus, it's been sort of busy with moving, traveling, and starting new jobs. I'm assisting a curator on an exhibit and working nights as a hostess at a local "upscale casual" Italian restaurant. When I asked what the dress code was for hostesses, they told me "Dress like a whore in church." Have fun imagining that.


jeekeehoo said...

OK All I can say is, when am I coming to visit you?! I can see some serious knittin' by the pool.

Great to hear from you. I knew you were busy but I was beginning to worry that you'd been buried by the pile of unfinished knitted objects:-) teehee. And of course we've lost Brandy completely! Or at least until the free babysitting starts kicking in and she feels sane again!

burab said...

You can come any time! Seriously, I have a spare bedroom and everything. Just give me a few days' notice.

BrandyMcD said...

I'm here I'm here! But just barely. I'm off to my own relaxing by the pool next week when we go on our annual July 4th trip. And would you believe my mom said "you dad and I are only playing golf twice this year because we want to help with the babysitting." Giddy I tell you.

Abby, the place looks great. Hope you are settling in. And, uh, finding some new items for your wardrobe.