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Ever heard of Jott? Super fun software that lets you call and leave a voice message that will be transcribed into an email and sent to you.

So, there was a pattern in a knitting book for an afghan I liked but I didn't want to pay the $25. Thinking I could find it at a library, Mark called Jott and left the book's publication info. This is what was emailed!

Sent with my voice via Jott:
ISPN 1579903533. This is most of title, gorgeous medic Afghans by [Language not supported] gorgeous knitted Afghan 33 great designs for creative knickers. The year is 2004.

Doesn't 'creative knickers' just bring all kinds of fun images to mind.

Knitting pictures soon. I really do have FOs!

So, Abby, the clock is ticking! May 31st is right around the bend:-) How goes it?

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