Status Update

One finished object:
Drops Jacket in black.

I don't have buttons on it yet, but I might just get a pin of some sort instead. I'm not sure that buttons will give me the kind of closure I want. Also, sorry for the bad pic, hopefully I'll have something better after this weekend (jacket gets debuted on Sunday at Point to Point).

I also have made some progress on the linen camisole I started a few weeks ago.
I didn't take any full object shots because it's looking sort of pathetic in its current state (and is on circular and straight needles plus one stitch holder). I love the colors of it though, and I can't wait for it to soften as it ages.
I frogged a hat because the yarn was sun bleached and something in the dye was turning my skin black when I knit. Metal morden perhaps? I washed the yarn, and am now considering my overdying options (I'll deal with that some time this summer).
I haven't touched anything else on the's not going so well. I started rock climbing again and that makes my fingers tired.

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jeekeehoo said...

Great looking sweater! I want a better look! Can't wait to see the linen cami! Such pretty colors.

I would have commented earlier but it was MDSW this weekend. NOT trying to rub it in, just wanting to say that it was excellent but not the same without you two:-)

I actually have two finished objects that I haven't shared. Maybe I'll do that sometime soon along with a MDSW post of the swag. Don't expect news of the "shawl that never ends" anytime soon. I'm finally able to type that but am in no way capable of explaining or discussing the events that have happened. In fact, I'll never blog it. When you cry and moan hysterically on the floor in the fetal position for an hour, you don't share with the world.