sheep and stuff

See I actually DID go to MDSW even if you can't tell it from the blog. I make my amends by displaying the cute sheep pictures I took.

So in knitting news, and despite the total lack of posts I have been knitting, here's my yoga bag which I did back in the early early spring. Notice the color matching to the actual yoga mat. This does all kinds of wonderful to my centerednes during yoga I must tell you! Although I'm afraid it also means I'm possibly shallow which rather flies in the face of the whole yoga process of becoming peaceful and above such things!

Here's the sweater for Jennifer (Rick and Patsy's daughter) and Dave's baby girl, Catriona. It doesn't show the color well. It was a lovely dull pink going toward palest orangey. The design didn't work out like I thought it would but I bought the yarn on Monday, designed and knitted the whole thing by the shower on the next Sunday. I was sewing buttons on 30 minutes before church! So we shall forgive a little wonkiness.

Finally, here's the coolest story. So the shawl that never ends still isn't ending. I was looking for yarn and thought I'll price cashmere, just for the lark, just for the laugh, knowing I couldn't possibly afford it. The cheapest I found it at my normal yarn sites was $45 a ball and I needed five balls--yeah, I know.

So I googled "cashmere yarn" or something one final time just to see what came up and I found a blog entry entitled "cashmere cheaper than wool." I'm interested yeah? So I go and this woman and her friend have both claimed to have gotten lovely cashmere for dirt cheap. I check out the website. It's a funny little stripped down site, just cashmere and a few weird things, and they claim to be in Inner Mongolia selling cashmere direct. And I quote: "We have established direct connection with yarn factory to provide you with unbeatable." No labeling, no middlemen, so "Thus saves cost dramatically for you." Now, how could you resist that?!

I could get all the cashmere I need for the shawl for $35, less than for one ball from anywhere else!!! AND shipping is a flat $4.99 no matter what you order. COME ON!! What was there to loose? I happily placed my order thinking I'd never see the yarn or my forty bucks again. Then, five weeks later, this arrived. (it's worth clicking to enlarge, the stamps are gorgeous).

And inside...well I can't prove it's cashmere unless I find someone with a diagnostic lab they're not using, but, baby, it's cashmere to me!!


burab said...

That is completely bizarre. Nice FOs, the baby sweater is cute!

BrandyMcD said...

Wow! Your risk paid off big time. What a deal.

I don't think the sweater looks wonky at all. It's really sweet.