Turning back time

Well when I did the math it still wasn't going to work out. Unless I bought a lot more yarn it was going to be very rectangular, and I wasn't sure that would work with the stripe pattern. So, here we are.

Actually it has advanced from this state. I ripped out and then immediately cast on again, but a couple inches less stitches. I'm doing a different pattern this time. It will be 4 squares with the same color on the diagonals. I knit Friday night and Saturday morning and then went and got my Harry Potter book, so all knitting stopped.

Let me know when you finish the book, Jen, and we'll discuss.


jeekeehoo said...

I'm sorry you had to frog it all the way but I'm also proud that you're going ahead with a blanket you'll like! True Knitting with a capital K my friend.

We're over halfway done with the book. Mark and I read it out loud to each other you know (we're geeks like that) so it takes us a little longer to get through it! Plus I hate to rush through this one since it will be the last:-(

BrandyMcD said...

I knew you and Mark read aloud so you'd be a little bit longer. I didn't want to rush but was so afraid the ending would be spoiled for me.

Yeah, the ripping out didn't feel nearly as painful as I thought. I think it was because it was a choice. It wasn't as if there was an awful disaster and it HAD to be ripped out. I just wanted to start over.

burab said...

The new design sounds lovely. Baby Brother will enjoy it no matter what it looks like though!