When I bought the yarn for Baby Brother's (as he is called) blanket a nice lady at the LYS used some chart to help me figure out how much yarn I should buy. Well the chart was wrong people. Very wrong. A few weeks ago I was happily knitting along when I realized I was at the end of my ball of yarn. This was not good because I only had two more balls of the dark blue stuff left and was nowhere near one-third of the way through the blanket.

So yesterday I headed back to the LYS and explained the situation. I gently mentioned that someone there had helped me with the calculations, not because I wanted them to feel bad but because I didn't want them to think I was stupid. They were most apologetic and tried their best to help me. Anyway, there was not anymore of the yarn from that dye lot. Stinky huh? So now I have the blanket with uneven sides that I decided to go on with, but now I can't go on. (Is any of this making sense? I had lots of coffee at bunco night last night and didn't sleep till about 2am.)

I went ahead and bought two more balls of the gray yarn since they did have the right dye lot for that. So I am thinking my options are some kind of stripe, or maybe just a gray box in the middle. Ideas? Opinions?

Here is a picture so far. I am not quite through half of the blue yarn.

And here is a not-to-scale diagram of what I think my options are should I choose to continue with the blanket. I like #2 best though I haven't done color like that before and am a little squeamish about adding another variable to the project. Other options would be ripping and starting over completely or making a hat.


BrandyMcD said...

Well to answer my own question. When I finally got out the ruler and started considering scale, I think I am going to go with option 1. Otherwise, to do option 2 I would need to rip out so I have enough blue left.

Or a hat. There's always a hat.

BrandyMcD said...

Uh oh. Total sentence fragment above. But I don't know how to edit a comment. Sorry!

jeekeehoo said...

OK. If anyone's checking grammar on this blog I'm leaving right now.

Is there the option of doing it half in dark blue with a gray border and half in gray with a dark blue border? I like option 1 as well. I hate when I run out of yarn which is why there are dozens of single skeins sticking out of random spaces in my house. It's really looking adorable so far if that's any consolation. Don't wimp and take the hat way out! The blanket can be saved I'm sure!!

BrandyMcD said...

Ooohhhhh Jen. That sounds like a good idea too. I think that would work!