...and there's even been some knitting.

It was supposed to be a relatively quite little summer, a time to be contemplative and get loads done. Instead, it seems to be flying by! Anyway, I have tried to get some knitting in there too.

Most recent FO, just off the needles today in fact. File under strangest looking knitted object when not on.

What is it you say? Could it be some newly discovered sea creature washed up into the harbor of Baltimore City? You thought I was knitting a mushroom cloud? Silly.

It looks better on, though not much better since it's ON ME.

Max likes it though and these shots on the dark blue more truly represent the color. (Of course you two saw the color directly)

I don't know why all my recent knitting looks deformed when not on me. The sock actually fits wonderfully!! It's Trekking yarn and I can't wait to finish the second one.

These are my own handspun and my attempt to make something like Trekking. I shouldn't say it but I really love them, maybe more than the Trekking. I just keep expecting my handspun to disintegrate in my hands. I couldn't really have spun SOCK YARN!! The picture is a blurry but I really love the texture of the pattern too. It seems to work with the color changes.

Here we have one of the banes of my summer existence. Remember the cream cardigan...you would if you were me. Nothing but trouble, the black hole of knitting, only to discover that due to some wild cruel turn of fate (or perhaps the fact that I didn't really do gauge properly, take your pick) the shoulders would fit a football player...in pads. Oh, well, it's going in the cedar chest for a while...I can't face it anymore.

There's a few other things on the needles at the moment, but I'm simply not patient enough to keep loading pictures!!


burab said...

The fitted knit looks GREAT on you! I love it! I'm glad Max likes it too, it's important to keep him happy. As for the socks...what can I say? You're amazing! They look so wonderful. What fiber is it? Wool and nylon blend? All this looking makes me want to touch...time to ball up the skein of J Knits Lace-A-Licious that just came in the mail!

BrandyMcD said...

I agree that the top looks fabulous. I knew exactly what it was before I scrolled down, by the way. The fit is perfect.

And the socks look very cozy. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what you mean by Trekking but I like them anyway.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

jeekeehoo said...

Wow! You guys are quick! Thanks for the nice comments on the fitted knit and the socks. Brandy, don't feel badly that you don't know Trekking. It's a popular sock yarn but there's no reason you should know it. It's a blend of wool and nylon and it's really nice to work with. Mostly it's known for those subtle stripping effects. They sell true self-stripping sock yarn too but you know me and true self-stripping sock yarn! I like this Trekking cause it has interesting color changes without looking like a planned strip pattern in anyway. I just wondered if I understood what was happening in the yarn enough to actually recreate it with my own spinning. My socks were spun out of pure wool. It's called Northern Lights roving and is sold by Louet company. They don't say on the website what kind of wool it is.

Abby, I just looked at the Lace-A-Licious yarn and it looks, well, delicious!! What color did you get? How did you order 'cause I couldn't find order info on the webpage?

Brandy, we finished Harry Potter Thursday night but I didn't have time to call you yesterday. I definitely want to chat about it sometime. We're leaving today for another visit home. We'll probably come back Thursday but I have highspeed internet there now. I'll try to get on ichat sometime or call but you know what it's like when you're visiting home. Never enough time to do everything!

jeekeehoo said...

p.s. I just have to say how much I LOVE ravelry. Have you all heard of it/signed up yet? It's fantastic!! They are still in beta so you have to be invited to join at the moment by sending them a request. But soon they will be open to anyone. It's a place where you can display your work, keep track of patterns you want to do and basically network with people with forums and groups. But what I love most, is because everyone's putting all their info into this one huge database, you can search patterns you're interested in and suddenly seen a dozen of in progress or finished works by real people! There were like 18 other people knitting the Back to School vest so I go to look at all theirs and see what yarns they choose and any alterations they made or suggest!! But the thing that really got me is that I posted mine yesterday when I finished, saying I loved the pattern but wasn't sure it looked good on me. By this morning four people had left messages that they thought it looked great! Your compliments really mean a lot but the fact that four total strangers took the time to comment is amazing. This is what I love about the knitting community. Everyone is so caring and supportive!!

Javajem said...

Awesome sweater - it looks amazing on you! I really like it!

Trekking is fantastic! I need to make a pair of knee socks with it soon!