Soliciting ideas

Wedding knitting - I'm think a wrap or stole
Time table: I can pretty much pull anything off at this point
Style: something classic and modern
Yarn: something special



BrandyMcD said...

I need more specifics. Are you wanting to wear it DURING the wedding? If so, what kind of dress are you considering?

burab said...

Good question: probably not during the ceremony, but I'm guessing I'll be chilly at the reception

jeekeehoo said...

Sorry to be late to the post...uh we were moving? How long can I use that as my excuse for everything? I'm hoping until the squiggle arrives and then I'll have a new and forever lasting excuse:)

I just went to ravelry thinking, this will be easy. It's not. It' not at. all. There are so many things out there and "classic and modern"?! Come on, how conflicted can you get. I know you need something old and something new but in the same piece?:)

I'll keep looking but I have questions too. What's the date? Do you want something very light and lacy or something more substantial?

Here's one that I liked if you're doing light and lacy: