MSWF Report.

much fun had by all STOP many cute sheep STOP shearing was 'specially good STOP won three ribbons at the Skein and Garment Competition STOP two 1st place and (ready?) BEST SKEIN of the WHOLE FESTIVAL STOP

BUT could not STOP missing you both STOP

and now, definitely, stop

(more details and pictures about the socks and the yarn at Ravelry! I couldn't get photos to load here and am tired of trying:)


BrandyMcD said...

So, so proud of you Jen. But, not at all surprised!

burab said...

Of COURSE you won! Way to go!

marklackeydotnet said...

Things are pretty slow here. Maybe i should post this interesting work. Knitting? Art? Engineering? ~m

Javajem said...

You definitely deserved to win - you rocked the skein competition!!!