Superlong Wrap

This is a pattern from the Knitting on the Go series Caleb's grandmother gave me. The wrap is supposed to be "just the thing for those ever-so-slightly chilly summer nights." Translation for those of us moving to Houston: "just the thing for the coldest January morning." This is going to sound so silly, but to me it looked like something the wife of a Rice professor would wear. We are really hoping we will have more of an opportunity to enjoy the arts once we move because 1) the free babysitting will allow us to spend money on tickets and 2) the university itself has some terrific programs. So that is when I envision using this.

The finished dimensions are supposed to be 16 by 84 inches. But it says a possible adaptation is to make it just 68 inches long. I chose this option not just because it meant I just had to buy one ball of yarn but because honestly the original size seems so big for someone my height.

I really like knitting it. I have already ripped out once. I went several rows without making the selvedge edge (purling instead of knitting) and even though my Knit Fix book made it clear I could fix it, everything got messed up. Plus the pattern called for size 10 needles. The only pair I had were stinky metal ones so I used them. But my gauge ended up being a little small so ripping gave me an excuse to switch to my size 11 bamboo needles. Ahhhhh sweet relief.

It is going to need some serious blocking when I finish. And also, it has a slant to it that doesn't show up in the pattern. I imagine blocking will fix that too, right?

Oh, FYI I am using the yarn the pattern calls for and I really like it: Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool.

To answer your question Jen, I keep trying to come up with a way for me to get to MDSW festival. But I'm not having much luck. The next few months has quite a bit going on and a lot up in the air too, what with the going back and forth to Houston to try to find a place to live. I haven't given up hope yet but you probably should.

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burab said...

I love that Ellery's hand is shooting into the picture to grab the ball of yarn! That is a tremendously long project and I support your idea to shorten it. I think the angle thing will repair when you block it. Looks great!