I've been called out

So here it is, all finished and what not. I wore it to the museum today and got many compliments. I had to modify the pattern a little - for some reason the sleeves were waaay too small as written so I left out the decreasing in the patterned stitches. And I have pretty small arms, so I'm not sure what was going on with that.
Just a random life update (because I know you're on the edges of your seats...): so far, it's looking like I will not be going on to a PhD program next year. I still have one school to hear from, but in all other cases it was flat out bad news. So, I'm probably taking a year off to regroup and reconfigure. I'm applying for jobs in the Wilmington area because I have a great living arrangement worked out for the summer and I need to stay here for that. So that's the report. I wish I had better news, but like I said...I'm trying to view this as an opportunity to explore some things. So we'll see. I really just need a job that has benefits and pays enough so that I can buy yarn. Should be possible...right?


jeekeehoo said...

AHA! Just as I suspected. Holding out on us eh?!

It's really cool! As always, you look phenomenal in it. I was skeptical of the yarn, not that it wasn't beautiful but variegated for a textured pattern? not convinced...until now because it is perfect!!

jeekeehoo said...

I also meant to say I'm sorry about the PhD plans not working out just yet. But taking a year off to regroup and buy yarn can't be a bad thing. Besides it means you'll still be close for a while. Not that we've taken great advantage of it. I have a few booked weekends in April but maybe we can work out some time to meet.

BrandyMcD said...

Looks great Abby!

I'm sorry the grad school thing isn't happening. You know something you might look into...teaching classes at a yarn shop. Seriously. Our LYS has classes where you work on a project and they teach you some history or a new language, etc. You could talk about your work at the Winterthur.