and there was knitting, just not much

I really have been doing the handcraft thing you just can't tell from this blog. I have a major time-sucking project that still is only half completed so I haven't much to show for myself otherwise. Also, I chose not to knit much for Christmas. I just did two projects for little nephew Pierce and one for my sis-in-law. I'm not a mommy and thus have no free pass to show innumerable shots of the kid but I shall rely on the time-tested excuse that there are knitted objects in the pictures!! Finally, I did some other knitting for a gift exchange and totally failed to take pictures. They were felted hot pads and I liked the way they turned out but you'll never know!!

So, here's Pierce loving the football I knit.

He's such a funny little guy though. He'll love on you one second and the next he's all little boy action! So here's him throwing the ball immediately. The kid's got quite an arm too!

My favorite was that he put the little football in his new car and drove around with it!

I also made him a little Estonian sheep puppet.

Apparently, they know the ways of the Snoopy Christmas dance in Estonia as evidenced by this photo.

My sis-in-law with her wrist warmers. Alpaca we love thee. They were supposed to be 'Fetching' from but I didn't have internet access at Mark's parents so I made them up!

And a little winter tatting to distract you from the fact that this is really very little knitting output for me!

I'd planned a very long post where I went back to my new year's resolution post from last January and did some soul searching about how I'd done on that...but my new resolution is never to look at old resolutions. Perhaps I'll show you an in-progress picture of the all-consuming shawl sometime.


burab said...

All consuming shawl? Sounds daunting. Looks like the recipients of your handicrafts are happy.
Glad you're feeling better, too!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that the estonian sheep is doing the snoopy dance. I makes me happy. :)