There you go, the yarn haul from Portland. The light green in the hank and on the needles is the Peace Fleece. The other ball is sock yarn made by...Schaefer Yarns (Anne). (had to go look at the tag). I'm knitting up the Peace Fleece into Henry. I'm thinking of it as the boyfriend scarf redux. If the scarf doesn't scare him off, the socks might. It's sort of like a 1 - 2 punch. Freaked out by the scarf? Bam! Have a pair of socks that are so amazing they make you want to cuddle something that belongs on your feet. I guess time will tell how this pans out. Let's keep in mind, though, that this is the guy who held my yarn a mere 6 weeks into our relationship.

Note: After reading over the post, I realized that it sort of sounds like I'm knitting this lucky man beautiful things in order to scare him off. Of course, that's not the case. I mean, he did hold my yarn! I'd like to keep him around. However, we all know about the taboo knitting-for-the-boy and its typical results. Here's hoping I can dodge the bullet!


BrandyMcD said...

lol. I hope you dodge the bullet too.

And I wonder if years from now "hold my yarn" is going to be some weird euphemism.

And I like the site makeover!

burab said...

I'm glad you like the new look!

jeekeehoo said...

Love the new look too...and remember I hit Mark with an actual sweater vest as his first knit item and in 7 months we were married...just sayin'

jeekeehoo said...

p.s. I love the Henry pattern too!!