oops. I wasn't supposed to buy any yarn...but I did. I'm not proud of me, but it was so pretty and so soft. And it smelled good (did not taste it). My only redemption is that, a) I did NOT buy that $25 hank of luxuriously purple lace weight alpaca and, b) everything I purchased will be used for gifts. I mean, I had to buy the boyfriend something for Christmas and his birthday (which is only a few days before Christmas) eventually. Better I buy it now so I have time to knit it into something, right? RIGHT! Ok, so I'm already feeling better about this illicit yarn purchase. So much better, in fact, that I've already balled one hank of Peace Fleece.
(PS I would totally post pics but stupid Photo Booth is stuck and won't open or close. Guess you'll have to wait...)


BrandyMcD said...

Hey, let she who is without impulsive yarn purchases cast the first skein.

jeekeehoo said...

hey forget about casting criticism, I want to see the yarn!!