To rip or not to rip?

Our roses are blooming too but I am not allowed to walk on the grass so you will have to settle for a picture on the kitchen table. I did play around with the gauge when I started the blanket but I still missed it by a little. The border on the sides is wider than the border on the bottom. Although on the picture it doesn't look so bad. I haaaaatte ripping out. Who doesn't? And I feel like the yarn is never the same after that for some reason. But I have to decide if I am going to be compulsively preoccupied by the inaccuracy or not. Any opinions?


jeekeehoo said...

ooooou. hard one. and so personal. It's hard to say how much it will bug you. I would usually say that I would rip it because I'm the girl who destroys completely knitted socks and who cut her mother's Christmas sweater literally in half to add in a row I'd forgotten. BUT, in my experience it is really hard to get garter stitch to look the same horizontally and vertically because the stitches are so different from the rows. I would probably just leave it, feeling it would be hard to get it too much better. Perhaps I underestimate the powers of garter stitch and overestimate my hate of ripping!

As for the yarn never being the same, it is true. You probably know this already but one thing you can do if you decide to rip is to not ball the yarn but to skein it around the back of a chair or something. Tie it in several places. Gently soak the yarn and hang it to dry. It can really give new life to previously knitted yarn and it takes out all the kinks.

jeekeehoo said...

p.s. why aren't you allowed on the grass? some crazy Colorado thing? what will happen to you if you walk on it? :-)

burab said...

I vote for no ripping.