Death of a Sock...

Warning: this post contains violent images and may not be suitable for young children, knitters squeamish at the sight of unravelled yarn, and small pets.

Now you see it...

Now you don't!!

I know, I could I kill a poor innocent sock in cold blood like that!! Was I mad?! Did Abby and Brandy both leaving me deserted finally drive me crazy. The sock wasn't hurting anyone, just sitting there minding its own business and then...oh the horror

I finally finished this seemingly neverending much hated sock...only to continue loathing it with all my being. I loathed it while knitting because it was a pain to knit...had to watch every second, easy to split the stupid yarn, hard pattern...but I thought it will all be worth it when it's done. It wasn't.

The sock has huge flaws, HUGE. I tried to wear it around to bond with it. I tried to place it in lovely settings that would show it to advantage. I even showed it to Brandy as if I liked it, remarking on its virtues and saying things like "I'm sure the extra space in the toe will shrink up a little when I wash it". But to no avail. The sock is too big while at the same time having significant skin show through and weird conditions like that should not be allowed to exist.

Perhaps I would have accepted it if this was the end of the project, if I could have given the sock to someone I marginally like and don't often see, if I could have moved on. But no, there is a second sock to make and, here's the kicker, I didn't write down anything I did on this sock while I knit it. So I'd have to investigate the hated sock to figure out what I did to make me hate it so much and then do it again!!! My moral "fiber" isn't that strong.

But up from the ashes we see...

Hope blooms eternal. We shall name the sock Pheonix (even though nothing about the new planned design has anything to do with that:-)

In other news, here's the orange sweater made from that Debbie Bliss Cathay I scored on our last yarn store crawl. I was able to make it using only the orange instead of the two colors together. I'm really pleased except that did make it a little short I think and thus the placement for the rows of purls stiches falls a little higher that I think looks right. But Mark and my mom both liked it as is. For awhile we had a little problem with the neckline rolling down in the front to show a bit more of jennyk than was intended. Elastic thread is a joy, that's all I'm sayin'.

Note: My next post will contain no violence of any kind unless something really bad goes wrong with the sweater innocently blocking on the bed in the background of the last picture. I think we all know what I'm capable of now so let's consider everyone fairly warned.


burab said...

We see you've been up to no good! I really love the color of that sock - or what was a sock. I hope you are happier with the second try.
I'm currently sitting in the rare book room at Winterthur waiting for my called books to be delivered. They gave us library busy work to help us learn the collections and how to use them. I'm on my last question though, so will be done soon I hope. I did get to read all about the dairy herd that used to live here.

Brandy said...

AGGHHH! The horror! Thank goodness I did not look at those pictures before I went to bed.

I'm sorry for your painful loss of the sock but I admire your perfection.

By the way, I am here, even though I have not called as promised. I've thought about it a million times and always think I'll wait till I have more time or I'm not so darn tired!

My parents have been a HUGE help and are headed out today.

Okay, I'm hijacking your post. I'll make my own soon!