Anniversary Afghan

My parents were married on March 1, 1980. That means I've missed their anniversary by 4 months and 16 days...and counting. The afghan is almost done, as you can see. I need some input on the fringe: should I do tassels or knots? I can't decide...though I think tassels will be easier for some reason. Any ideas?

Apartment photos will be coming soon...


jeekeehoo said...

Don't worry about being late with the afghan. Giving handmade gifts automatically absolves you of all guilt for missing deadlines...I mean anyone can meet a deadline if they just have to go buy present. But the time and effort of hand work....please!!

I really like the color not that color is always reliable on the internet but I like what I see!! I'd go with fringe. I like fringe on afghans with lovely texture like that. I think it looks elegant and homey at the same time, if you know what I mean.

We're still on mega-trip. I'm leaving Nashville today after spending the weekend with my Vandy grad friends. We had a fantastic weekend! I'm back at the lake in AL for the rest of the week so I won't be able to check the blog but I'll be in touch soon.

Brandy, hope all is going well with moving. I'm so sorry that we aren't there to help. We should be home Sunday and hopefully with be able to do something to help! Thanks for looking at the curtain. It's hard to tell from the picture but the lace is pretty chunky so it's going surprisingly fast, and no, they aren't full length!!!


Brandy said...

Oh that looks great Abby. Well, I'm going to make your decision harder. I'm not a tassle fan. They get all twisted and tangled.

I have pictures to post too -- I just haven't gotten around to it, what with the packing and all. Tonight we are going to Rick and Patsy's for a going away dinner. It's a last minute thing (How else does our church do those things?)

burab said...

After further consideration....I went with neither tassels nor fringe. I left it as it was. I tried a few differnt tassels, fringes, knots and just didn't like the way they worked. Plus, I counted and would have had to make 22
Current project: grey alpaca sweater. torso and left sleeve done, right sleeve and finishing to go! I might get to wear it this winter! Woooo!