It's time for the winter knits. We had snow and thunder today. It was a big wet pretty snow. I got out my boucle scarf and Ellery wore the sweater Jen knitted.

Also, last week I helped host a shower for a friend that is expecting twin boys. I got out the ol' Debbie Bliss seed stich hat pattern.

One more thing: Jen, I know you aren't much of a tv watcher. But I'm wondering if anyone saw last week's episode of Pushing Up Daisies. Knitting played a big part.


jeekeehoo said...

Your scarf looks really great but that baby steals the show!! I love the hats too! I'm so envious of the snow I could die from it. It continues to be muggy short-sleeve weather here which might just also kill me. You can't really appreciate fall leaf color when it's 82 degrees.

(I guess you didn't get my birthday package yet! I knew I wasn't getting it in the mail in time. It will be waiting for you when you get back after Thanksgiving!)

BrandyMcD said...

No, Jen we DID get it. I just posted this before we opened the package. So we will take a picture and put that up soon. VERY cute! (and so is your stationary!)